Al Davison is an English comic book writer and artist from Newcastle, England. He now resides in Coventry, where he runs TAG! Artworks his studio and comic shop in Fargo Village, Far Gosford Street, with his wife Maggie.

He is most famous for his autobiographical graphic novel The Spiral Cage (most recent edition from Active Images, 2003), which describes his lifelong struggle with spina bifida and his rise to successful comic book creator, martial arts instructor, film maker, and performer. The Spiral Cage featured in Tony Isabella's 1000 Comic Books You Must Read.

Some other notable works include: Spiral Dreams (Slab’ O’ Concrete), The Minotaur Tale (Victor Gollancz), Hokusai’s Demons. The Alchemists Easel. (Self Published), Neil Gaiman’s The Dreaming. The House of Mystery. Tainted. The Unwritten. (DC/Vertigo) Doctor Who. (IDW), Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. (Self Made Hero)

Al is currently working on his sequel to The Spiral Cage: Muscle Memory-A Survivors Story, and his first prose novel: Alathea. Muscle Memory In Motion is a multimedia project with new artwork, interactive elements, and behind-the-scenes extras. Explore the first interactive chapter here. Al hopes to be able to produce a print version of Muscle Memory. The ongoing work is supported via Patreon


  • Al Davison: Story, Art and Design, Narration, Sound, Animation Design, Editing
  • Yen Quach: Animation
  • Nathan Moore: Animation, Audio, Editing
  • Matthew Reynolds: Voice Actor - The Taxi Driver
  • Dirk Maggs: Sound Mix - The Taxi Driver
  • Matt Round: Web Development
  • Ian Ravenscroft: Producer